Crystal Ball: Crystal Ball: Feb. 20, 27 Mar. 5


Thurs. Feb. 20 6:15pm Run #1402 And the Pecking Order is…

Start at Buena Vista Park at Haight and Buena Vista Ave. East'14.7%22N+122%C2%B026'25.0%22W/@37.7707553,-

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Hazy Memory

Hare: Chickenboner


Thurs. Feb. 27 6:15pm Run #1403 What, they only held him for 72 hours?

Start at Douglass Playground at 26th St. and Douglass.

Not that it matters but this is Tongueless’ BDay trail.

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Czech Pils

Hare: 5150


Thurs. Mar. 5 6:15pm Run #1404 From the Mountains to the Marina Green

Start at the Little Marina Green on Yacht Road off of Mason

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Umm!

Hare: Che Gayvara