Crystal Ball Mar. 15, 22, 29


Thurs. Mar. 15 6:15pm Run #1301 The Anal Pukin’ of the Green

Start at Douglass Playground at 26h St. and Douglass


The Blown Ranger will be cooking up a storm for St. Patrick’s Day

Wear some green before you end up wearing some.

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Little SumpinSumpin

Hare: The Blown Ranger


Thurs. Mar. 22 6:15pm Run #1302 The Gypsies Get Artsy Fartsy

Start in the parking lot of the Palace of Fine Arts 3399 Lyon St.

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Er, Something

Hare: Chickenboner


Thurs. Mar. 29 6:15pm Run #1303 The Gypsies Anal Little Black Number

Start at the Hell Mouth aka Front and Union

Remember everyone needs at least one Little Black Dress and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Beer of the Week: a Lagunitas Assortment but you’ll already be too drunk to care

Hares: IR Stupid and Tongueless