Run #1283 Bowling for Boners


Last Thursday Chickenboner brought the Gypsies back to the parking lot for the lawn bowling club in Golden Gate Park and all the sophisticates showed up. Bitches Bitch was dressed to the nines in Tech-nu and ready for anything our hare had to deliver. Lois Lame his faithful friend had a backscratcher strapped to her back just in case BB needed a little something extra. While the pack formed the keg of Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ was tapped and the arrivals had a taste of what was to cum. Brown Eye For The Gay Guy, hooking his socks to his garters, commented to Udder Moron on how distinguished he looked with his newly graying temples. Mr. Bone Jangles was there to critique Chickenboner’s use of his last start site and that was only fair since CB critiqued his cooking by choking on it. In honor of our hare’s quality choice of a start BJ preached a truly meaningful sermon from the Sacred Missal 2.0. Dick Ass Mother Fucker was so moved that he just left all his clothes in the Outbeer and ran with the wind in his pubic hair. Who’s Your Daddy shook his head allowed that DAMF could return the original meaning to, “He stepped on his dick”. On that note the pack was off. Trail took the pack through the woods and around the Academy of Sciences and a circle jerk out to JFK Dr. Manhole was with Just Holly following trail and being happily lost so they forged a trail of their own. The Lost Patrol was relying on the keen snouts of Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt so they were as usual on the trail of the hounds not necessarily of the hare. As usual the LP found itself more likely to be on trail if CSI and Fits In put their noses to the grindstone. Our hare led the pack on a merry chase although the air became blue with the cursing of The Blown Ranger who realized he was beating his body and wasn’t even going to be fed by the hare, sadly, the only meat he was going to be holding was his own. It should be pointed out that “Saint” Titty Boo Boo did offer to help carry the load but TBR declined the offer. Trail took the pack out through the Panhandle to Clayton before turning the beleaguered miscreants towards home and the Sacred Thermi filled with hot wine and brandy. Our hare was kind enough to offer the pack some respite with a beer check on Haight St. before bringing the aging hippies home Dr. Kimble thoughtlessly pointed out that some were “hippier” than others leading Fuck Norris to live out that “step on his dick” concept. Not to say she stepped very hard but Tongueless felt Dr. K’s pain. Tuna On Top was a smidge taken aback when The Cunt Next Door called her tuna on toast and said he just lapped that stuff up, wink wink nudge nudge. Closet Twitcher felt he just had to step in and ask if mayo or Miracle Whip were involved. When Cuming Mutha chimed in with how much he liked Vegemite on his tuna even Blowqueen and Tears Of Semen had clearly had enough as evidenced by just how green they turned. Listening to the odd conversation Hand Pump was glad that he was late and only wished he’d been later. After many months of globetrotting King Rongjon was back to pick up the Sword Of Power, open the Circle and drag the pack into Rongjon World. Living in the King’s brain guarantees the keg will be decimated as well as the Sacred Thermi being emptied if only our of self-defense. As if that wasn’t enough Hand Pump pointed out that The Tee Off was closing down on Saturday and many of the pack went over for a farewell pint at a neighborhood establishment that had been the site of many a Gypsies post trail bacchanal. Chickenboner will live to bake another day. Cheers.