Run #1331


Tricrapalete flexed his wounded left hand and thought of his triumph over the Avengers in the Infinity War.  He stroked his purple nutsack chin and smiled.




On Earth, Tears of Semen, with grim determination, picked up her shield and stared defiantly into space above.


[cue fanfare and title card Avengers:  Gypsies in the Palace War]


Hello Tittie was the first to answer TOSŐ ŇGypsies Assemble.Ó  He arrived at the Senior Center just in time to see 5150 put the finishing touch on his latest armor.  He tested the suitŐs Maximum Absorbency Garment and knew he was battle ready.  Golden Snowball asked if it had a slushee function;  5150 made a note to patent the idea asap.


Obi On Wan trotted in and left immediately;  he had forgotten he had died at the end of Avengers:  Age of Rongjon.




Back in space, Tricrapalete looked upon his captains.  The Cunt Next Door was tipping last weekŐs keg of Czech Pils while waiting for Cockulus Occulus to finish tapping the fresh barrel  of Lagunitas Something Easy Ale.  ÔSaintŐ titty boo boo was too busy admiring his reflection in a muddy puddle, but it didnŐt matter;  Tricrapalete included him in their number only because he knew his enemies would always concentrate their fire on him.  All was in readiness.  He gave Tongueless the sign to prepare their vessel for takeoff.




Lois Lame was next to arrive.  She wiggled her fingers, said something about berry pie and out of the red special effect Dick Ass Mother Fucker appeared.  She shrugged her shoulders and gave up on trying out her latest indeterminately Eastern European accent.


Dr Kimble turned around to find ManŐs Best Hole panting behind him.  Offhandedly he wondered why he never saw her and Manhole on trail.  He lost the thought when he found his jar of peanut butter.


ŇDonŐt fire until you see the bloodshot of their eyes,Ó commanded TOS as she led her ragtag crew into the Outbeer.  Fits In was nestled in the captainŐs chair.  Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt growled as Fleshlight hopped into the back seat.


Just as the Outbeer was about to blast off, Hand Pump came trotting out from the woods.




Tricrapalete gave the command to ÔsŐtbb to take them to their battlefield.  He led them across Fulton to Balboa Village.  He was confounded and confoozled when they somehow returned to the Senior Center only to revisit Balboa Village.  When he crossed over his path to drift by the bison enclosure, he had had enough.  Out the airlock ÔsŐtbb went.  Cock Occ managed to get them there more or less on time.


TCND leapt out and threw a keg.  ManŐs Best Hole let loose a roar and became an inarticulate brute;  Manhole caught the keg, put it in the back seat of his car and drove off.


Everyone became bored, so RJ convened circle, said something vaguely anti-semitic and bragged about spending his days chronically masturbating and having IHOP delivered by GrubHub.



The End