Run #1321 Adieu, Bend-N-DryL!


In an effort to practice doing good works, which sheŐll doing in Senegal starting in September, Bend-N-DryL laid her first, and last, trail for the Gypsies last Thurs. She called the pack together in the parking lot for the SF Lawn Bowling Club in Golden Gate Park and the pack came to give her a GypsiesŐ sendoff. Deaf Lesbian heard her call all the way from the White HouseH4, that H4 is not a mistake, in Washington and The Cunt Next Door made sure he understood every quintuple entendre that was spoken, although Cums In Boots put her command of AMSLAN to the test. The keg of Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout spoke volumes and needed no translation. Our hare brought Just Doug then abandoned him to the good graces of the pack as she set off to mark some of the trail. Oddly enough BND had not told him of the religious aspect of the Gypsies but he was soon put straight and stepped up to dais to provide a biblical reading from the Male Missal. While Just DougŐs reading had Tri Crapalete wanting to Ňget offÓ, One Night Only demurred. As the pack prepared to get off ŇSaintÓ Titty Boo Boo was busily whispering in Bitches BitchŐs ear about all the Poison Oak he was sure was on trail. Lucky for BB that Lois Lame was there to catch him as he swooned in fear and told him that Cappuccino Stout cures PO from the inside out. ŇSÓTBB cursed LLŐs quick thinking. On that note the pack was off in search of trail and a promised drink check. In her never ending struggle to Ňwaste not want notÓ our hare wasted no flour and very little chalk in laying her trail. After much searching, soul and street, trail took the pack down MLK, Jr. Drive and out across Lincoln Way. The Lost Patrol found itself relying more on the noses of Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt than the eyes of Tongueless and Fits In who took almost forever to realize that BND was hiding her marks behind telephone poles and street signs. As the trail was on cement Closet Twitcher was cursing himself for not being on his bike instead of his feetÉand then the stairs appeared. The mosaic tiles belied the still climb that led to wait, wait, you guessed it, even more stairs. BB was catching his breath and taking pics of the pack still climbing behind him. There was Cuming Mutha waving his arms either in triumph of submission, itŐs unclear which. Just when the pack thought it couldnŐt get any more tiring our hare piled it on by taking them into the Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve. Dr. Kimble would have really enjoyed that drink check if his hands hadnŐt been shaking so much. Eventually our hare took pity on the survivors and let them make their way back to the start. Dick Ass Mother Fucker was still talking about the downgo heŐd gone down and could barely standup after heŐd knelt to kiss the ground with his mouth having already repeatedly kissing the ground with his ass. 5150 was quick to claim heŐd put his feet on the trail but Phone Sex declared it more that heŐd put his toes in the water; not like sheŐd worked up a sweat. The keg was tapped and covered by its cloak of invisibility thanks to Pied Piper who can barely contain himself when there is an untapped keg. Vitamin J was proffered and Lois Lame got her Cheetos fix. As if the trail had not taken enough out to the pack the Sacred Bucket was filled with River Madness that had its usual maddening effect on Ultrahead. Cums In Boots was not really rabid its just the ABV of the Cappuccino Stout and the River Madness had him foaming at the mouth. Speaking of River Madness, Cuming Mutha had to take some home to On All Fours to avoid being killed in his sleep if she found out it was in the Sacred Bucket and she didnŐt get any, a wise move on his part. Manhole had a growler lock on the tap and ManŐs Best Hole had a lock on TonguelessŐ treat bag so both were happy campers. As the alcohol flowed and the Vitamin J was filling gobs there was some concern over Hand Pump not being back; true, there would have been more concern had there been less alcohol but there was still some concern. Eventually HP and Closet Twitcher arrived together but not as Deaf Lesbian signed to The Cunt Next Door, hand in hand. King Rongjon arrived and took up the Sword Of Power then convened the Circle and abused the throng as only the King can. ItŐs unclear whether Bend-N-DryL was weeping over leaving or because she was not leaving soon enough. Cheers.