Run #1370 Shed a Tiramisu for Fits In!


Last Thursday the Gypsies’ pack was treated to trail and tiramisu cupcakes from Chickeboner that baker extraordinaire. CB proves that flour is not just for laying trail. CB took Who’s Your Daddy under her wing but he’s still not baking so she just let him lay flour for trail. Our hare gathered the pack in the parking lot for the Presidio Golf Course on Arguello and Findley Rd. The legend of CB’s baking and haring combo reached all the way to Seattle and Tongue Punch My Fart Box found herself inexorably drawn to the promise of baked goods and trail. TPMFB dragged Just J down from Sacto to help her pick up any crumbs. Cream Throat Willie was hoping to be one of the crumbs she picked up. Udder Moron was quick to point out that only a real moron would pass up a chance to dine ala CB and even he wasn’t that much of an utter moron. The pack surrounded the Outbeer and started sucking Lagunitas IPA from the tit of the keg commonly called the tap. Golfers came and went the jealousy blazing from their eyes and clearly wondering who that celebrity in shades was, why it was Cuming Mutha. Bitches Bitch arrived and was overwhelmed by intestinal displeasure so he passed up on the pints and took his gastro whatever into the night. Cream Chugger arrived with Just Lily everyone’s favorite coyote bait and Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt had to zip on over to find out the latest news. Cream Chugger hied it over to the keg and got the keg’s version of the latest news. Our hare and her minion sped off, more or less, out of the parking lot to distribute their flour while the pack turned its attention to the sermon from the Sacred Missal 2.0 preached by TPMFB. By the time she had finished reading espousing family love One Night Only pointed to Tongueless’ Penis and averred that he now would be as tall lying down as standing up. Pied Piper looked over and declared TP’s reaction a testament to the power of religion. Unasked, Tongueless still managed to provide a meaningless chalktalk directed primarily at the visitors. Fits In rolled her eyes and responded that few are as good at meaninglessness as T…and Closet Twitcher nodded that she should know! While the pack was busy agreeing on T’s utter uselessness those who actually cared about doing trail took off looking for marks. Trail instantly left the concrete and turn onto the dirt. The Lost Patrol had the added “skills” of Backside Banger and Adopt A Pussy who took TPMFB and Just J under their wing. Just J and Fits In managed bond over dogs but that didn’t mean she was going to look out for their safety in coyote country. The Cunt Next Door was *unning hard for the first time since dropping the pup but slowed down when Lois Lame warned her not to fall and break those milk bottles. Pencil Dick found himself *unning or walking at the speed of hound as he introduced Just Arlo to the joys of hashing on trail. Just Arlo had been under the impression that PD was taking him to a restaurant but at least he got treats and a world full of sniffs. Speaking of trail our hare spent as little time as possible anywhere but on trail and if no trail existed, well, she had WYD stomp one out. There wasn’t much of the Presidio that our hare didn’t drag the pack through, under, or over. At one point the LP divided and found that King Rongjon and PD with Just Arlo were there as well as Phone Sex who managed to find a way to include things the hare never dreamt of. PS is a great believer in going where the hare might have gone regardless of there being no marks. Pied Piper was more interested in getting back for the alcohol than gaining his “steps”. The King finally managed to figure out his right from his left and with PP they made their way back staying at the bottom of the Cemetery rather than going up and around it. Hand Pump even managed to keep all his blood in his body. Once the pack was back the keg was tapped and the table set high with Vitamin J. The Sacred Bucket was filled with River Madness and Fits In managed to produce a gallon of Minted Mai-Tais as well so the pack was well oiled. Our hare also produced her world famous, and justly so, tiramisu cupcakes with enough frosting to set off a diabetic alert dog. Speaking of the pack being back my how it had grown with the addition of 5150, Scarlette O’Hairy, Dr. Kimble and Manhole. Manhole was sans Mans Best Hole who was awaiting surgery; btw she came through with flying colors. The pack was further increased with the appearance of Cum Guzzling Cockaholic who avoided guzzling any cum but found plenty of other stuff to guzzle. King Rongjon wielded the Sword Of Power and convened the Circle where he read a Bday poem to Fits In who’d seen fit to share her natal day with the Gypsies. Our made an acolyte for life by giving FI a personal supply of those cupcakes. Scarlette provided a card signed by the present pack and 5150 provided the champers. Tongue Punch My Fart Box provided a gift to the pack by flashing a brace of beauts as her entertainment. Just J settled for a joke, a verbal one. The keg was killed and the Sacred Bucket and addenda all died. The King finished with renditions of Gypsies in the Palace and Clint Meets the Gay Caballero! By the time the pack broke up they were indeed a stirring sight.