Run #1344 And The Hashing Gods Smiled


Some trails are epic because of the weather, some because of the terrain, and some because of distance but last Thursday’s Gypsies’ trail was epic because it happened at all! Dr. Kimble was the hare and the start was in the Presidio and Lincoln Blvd. and Langdon Ct. or so he thought. At 4:30 on Thursday Dr. K found the whole area blocked off for filming a movie. He called Tongueless and T told him to post to the Gypsies group then T posted to Facebook, changed the Gypsies’ webpage asked “Saint” Titty Boo Boo to send a tweet with the change and Fits In changed the message on the Hotline. The new start was Lincoln Blvd. and Hoffman St. When the Outbeer arrived the start was a dark and lonely place. The start was a new one and when Dr. K arrived having laid the trail he along with T and Fits In assumed they’d be drinking the keg of Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Easy alone while the kept warm with the Irish Coffee Fits In had put in the Sacred Thermi. Suddenly Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt were barking like mad and the The Cunt Next Door and “Saint” Titty Boo Boo arrived and the heavens opened and down poured the pack. Once again the Hashing Gods smiled on their chosen drunks, the Gypsies and the parking area was soon filled with thirsty hashers. The keg was tapped and a few stragglers like 5150 were brought in by radio control. Having been gone for some time Bitch Pimp was so overcum with finding the start that she dropped to her knees and kissed the ground. Udder Moron was so moved watching that he wept as he helped BP to her feet. The police drove by and tossed our a note that Cream Chugger picked up and read, “I’m working but not getting paid for it so fuck it, enjoy”!While Qaeda Cunt was busy sniffing her favorite crotches “Saint” Titty Boo Boo read a service from the Male Missal. It seemed only proper that a “Saint” should give thanks to the Hashing Gods. Dr. K’s chalktalk was succinct, “Only do the Eagle trail if you have a death wish and this time try to not use the toilet paper marking trail.” The pack was off. The Lost Patrol was waiting for 5150 to change into his Gucci *unning clothes and his Kenneth Cole trail shoes. Once again Phone Sex tossed her lot in with the LP and once again she served as the tip of their spear. Trail crossed Lincoln and immediately dived onto the Battery E Trail through the woods. Eventually it came out by Crissy Field and the pack was tossed into the middle of all the yuppies jogging along desperately trying to keep fitting into their Lululemons. Blow Queen was stunned to see Bitches Bitch join THAT to discuss the colors the yoga pants came in. BQ noted that he wouldn’t have been surprised by 5150 doing it but Bitches Bitch, hmm! Trail *an through Crissy Field and eventually turned back to go under the freeway and back onto the streets and trails of the Presidio. The Turkeys turned back on Lincoln Blvd. while the Eagles continued out toward the Pacific and the trails that *an them along the cliff around and over the bunkers where they could enjoy playing slip and slide. Tri Crapalete was there when Cream Chugger shed her blood on trail but refused to push her over the side no matter how she bitched and moaned. As the pack crossed through the parking area for the Golden Gate Bridge Cuming Mutha assuaged the fears of the tourists making a late night visit who thought the pack was an invading force. Back at the start Backside Banger and Adopt A Pussy who followed trail past the original start met the pack. Closet Twitcher also arrived having ridden his bike hither an yon till he spotted the pack. The table was laid with Vitamin J and the Sacred Thermi filled with Irish Coffee. When Chickenboner realized the whipped cream was real whipped cream made by Fits In, she begged to be adopted. Hand Pump was not the DFL that honor was divided by The Cunt Next Door and Bitch Pimp. “Saint” Titty Boo Boo had to pass on the Irish Coffee because the coffee would keep him awake, uh huh! TCND has decided to fight for fetal naming in the Gypsies with her “Cunt In The Oven” or some such being the first. Pencil Dick seconded the idea on the principle that you can’t have too many “Cunts”. Of course PD had already had a number of Irish Coffees at that point. King Rongjon allowed that he would take the idea under advisement and taking up the Sword Of Power convened the Circle. The consensus was that the emergency start location was in fact a perfect location this vote of confidence was followed by continued consumption of alcohol and loud conversation and singing. The night had been saved. Cheers.