Run #1305 A Real Museum Piece


The Randall Museum on Roosevelt Way and Museum Way below Corona Heights Park is an old haunt of the Gypsies but lo these many years itÕs been closed and under renewal. WhoÕs Your Daddy decided to christen the newly upgraded parking lot and brought the pack there last Thursday. While he is constitutionally opposed to beer in bottles WYD welcomed the keg of Lagunitas Little SumpinÕ SumpinÕ with an open throat. The Randall Museum being a kidsÕ place to learn about wildlife Pied Piper was in the parking lot early looking for kids he could teach about wildlife. Leave It To Cleavage was back from a whale of a time living in Wales and brought Obi WonÕ Cum On Me who now pees with a Welsh accent. Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt were so pleased to see the grown up boy that they didnÕt try to eat him; such progress. LITC founded the DragginÕ Hash in Cardiff so was accorded all the pomp and circumstance the Gypsies reserve for royalty, none. As the parking lot assumed the air of an outdoor pub people coming and going from the woodworking building looked very very dry, oh well. The GypsiesÕ weekly theater of the absurd also known as Religion was ably handled by LTC preaching a sermon from the Sacred Missal 2.0 that left Obi unable to live up to his name but Bend & Drill pointed out that her shoes were waterproof so no harm done. Our hare was quick to leave to lay his trail while the rest of the pack was concerned about uncles, nieces and assorted body parts. Before leaving WYD pointed out that the trail was four miles as the crow flies and Dick Ass Mother Fucker quickly pointed out that there were no crows in the pack. In keeping with the animal themed Cream Chugger made the point that the Gypsies might not have any crows in the pack but there were plenty of old goats! CSI responded that if Tongueless had any feelings Cream Chugger would have hurt them. With a song in their collective hearts and a queasy feeling in their collective stomachs the pack set off to follow our hare. Lois Lame cast her lot in with the Lost Patrol since sheÕs still healing from Bitches BitchÕs misguided attempt to prove to her just how well the Prius V can resist crashing into the Golden Gate Bridge. Being an engineer King Rongjon wondered why BB didnÕt just look up the crash test result online instead of playing Òcrash test dummiesÓ. Udder Moron was quick to point out that he was available to switch names with BB. Trail took all concerned behind the museum and down past the tennis courts and out past the Beaver St. wall climbing area where the pack was treated to a rappeler descending the wall. The hare had promised a beer check and that kept them moving. Trail went back into Corona Heights Park and climbed back out to 15th St. and along Buena Vista Terrace to an ascent of stairs leading into Buena Vista Park. Closet Twitcher pointed out how quiet the park is now that marijuana can be bought in actual legal locations. Not *unning through drug deals is yet another sign of gentrification. Traversing the park the pack exited at Upper Terrace and Buena Vista East where 5150 swears he saw Captain Dickhead waving from his window. Our hare was determined to *un the pack up every set of stairs in the area and there were plenty. The pack was treated to a beer check at Uranus, how fitting! Even the Lost Patrol found itself inundated with stairs but they did manage to miss the beer check by turning back at Twin Peaks Blvd. Missing the beer check meant the pack was treated to an already set table back in the parking lot with the keg tapped and ready for action and the Sacred Thermi filled with mulled wine to take the chill out of the air. Chicken Boner spotted Manhole and ManÕs Best Hole just starting trail and made a heroic effort to drink all there was before he could get back; sharing is such an important part of the Gypsies. Blow Queen wanted to make sure that there was at least enough beer and wine left for Hand Pump but Fits In accused him of heresy and Tears Of Semen allowed as how it would be a wastes should HP and Manhole die on trail. In a fitting Gypsies compromise it was decided to save the DFLs some of the less popular Vitamin J but drink all the alcohol. King Rongjon sealed the deal by taking up the Sword Of Power and opening the Circle. Evil deeds were punished and cups and growlers were filled. ItÕs amazing what a Gypsy can turn into a ÒgrowlerÓ. Cheers.