Run #1528 A Real Museum Piece

Tricrapelete took up the Gypsies’ cudgel and laid a trail starting from that old haunt of the Gypsies, the parking lot of the Randall Museum on Roosevelt Way and Museum Way. It was a beastly night, and the beastly Gypsies ate spaces in the parking lot. In keeping with the weather, the piss was packed in the Sacred Cooler in the form of cans of Lagunitas Hazy Wonder and Lagunitas IPA. With the Randall Museum being a museum of science, nature, and the arts it seemed sensible, only to Tongueless, that the sermon should by howled out by those hounds of Wrinkle Pecker and Cosmic Pussy, Just Charlie and Just Lola. Sadly, the pooches were complaining of laryngitis, so it fell on T himself to take up the Family Missal and preach on mother and son love. Our hare sent the pack into the night in search of his marks. Back they sped down Roosevelt Way. The Lost Patrol wasn’t exactly speeding along but no one seemed to mind. Trail went past the bottom of Buena Vista Park. Tricrapalete was filled with the spirit of Christmas and ran the pack past a multitude of lit homes. The flashing lights that led to King Of Bed Bug’s seizure was probably unplanned. Looking down on the twitching mass, Who’s Your Daddy made the quintessential Gypsies comment, “Shit happens!”, WYD is known for his warmth! As they *an past the artfully decorated homes on Asbury St. Adopt A Pussy and Backside Banger wondered aloud if there were any packages they could porch pirate and pawn. Just Jeorgina admonished them for such thoughts or at least for saying them out loud. Our hare made sure that the pack could maintain it’s aerobic debt. And brought the pack up any hills he could find. Blow Queen just assumed that would include Tank Hill and no marks was not going to stop him! Fan of mythology that he is Jack The Ripper was thrilled to tread the Vulcan Stairway and the concomitant nosebleed really didn’t matter! Chickenboner on the other hand was more thrilled when the trail passed the Public Restrooms at the States Street Playground. CB actually paid Banana In Public to let her video him going inside then cuming out with a big grin. CB is planning on giving the vid to WYD as a Christmas present to add to his collection of favorite restrooms! CB just shrugs head and says, “Everybody needs a hobby!” Trail had one more uphill before the pack was back at the start. Being kegless didn’t stop 5 Angry Inches from popping enough cans to be legless. At least 5AI waited til he’d *un over from work. The start was its usual frigid self so the mulled wine Fits In had in the Sacred Thermi was a hit! Any whining about the piss being in cans not a keg disappeared ass Backside Banger pointed out that the cans didn’t call for a growler to get them home. Adopt A Pussy whipped out his briefcase and proceeded to line it with cans of Lagunitas Hazy Wonder; that briefcase gave real value to his being a lawyer. The pack was stuffing down Vitamin J and pouring down hot wine when the Hashing Gods stopped smiling on Tricapalete and sent rai nto annoy the pack. Of course, scads of alcohol far outweigh being rained on so the pack ignored the water as long as they could. Eventually common sense and Fits In’s order to repack the Outbeer so she could dry off triumphed. A fine night came to a wet end. Cheers.