Run #1379 Eat Enough Cracker Jacks and YouŐll Get a DriversŐ License!


WhoŐs Your Daddy laid the GypsiesŐ trail last week from 21st and Wawona. Originally he gave the start as 20th and Wawona but moved it to where the Outbeer usually parks anyway! While the pack gathered they pounded pints of Lagunitas IPA and enjoyed the free and very entertaining show of Could You Get This Out For Me a visitor from the ValdostaH3, try to park. Of course at that point no one knew who she was so they just cheered on his attempts to put the car into a space that Fits In claimed even Tongueless could park in; yes, it was THAT big! One Night Only who owns the Mercedes that was at the front of the space wept in agony and screamed, ŇDONŐT hit my car!Ó during the entire show! Cuming Mutha and On All 4s, whose car was at the rear of the space merely knelt in prayerÉwhen they finally stopped laughing. CYGTOFM was accompanied by Makes Men Melt who actually lives in Sacto. MMM looked particularly fetching in his pink tutu. The Gypsies were graced by even more visitors in the form of Neighnooo and Bony Throbbins late of the OkinawaH3. They were able to bond quickly with Dr. Kimble over their experiences with the Navy although Dr. K demurred at being called ŇSirÓ and saluted by them! Always looking for a new revenue stream Banana In Public was busily taking bets on what kind of animal would make itŐs way into Bitches BitchŐs car this week but Lois Lame made sure the door was closed for a change. After her prize winning parking performance it was natural that CYGTOFM would provide the packŐs religious experience and from the Missal Without A Name as well. Our reader made sure that the entire neighborhood was in on the sermon not only booming it out but also turning to make sure all the pack was included. On that note the pack was off to find the trail that WYD was laying live. Trail took the pack into Stern Grove via the ass end of Wawona past Parkside Square before entering the woods themselves. Indeed there was a Lost Patrol and our visitors from Ga. were enmeshed with it following the lead of Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt who sniffed out the flour left behind by WYD. Past the Concert Meadow trail crossed to the other side of the Grove and proceeded to wind itŐs way up and down the myriad levels of trails through the Grove. The LP finally exited the park onto Crestlake Dr. near Vale and then made the fatal error of listening to the bleating of Tongueless insisting he knew where he was going. Fits In fairly choked on her laughter. Speaking the error of their way visitors N and BT had made the mistake of following ONO on climb that they found went nowhere. Can you say, ŇBlind leading the blindÓ? In his finite wisdom T dragged the LP all the way around Stern Grove while looking for another way to descend into the park. Fits In was quick to point out that no such entrance existed. What they did find was where true trail had exited the park and OA4s leading the Okinawans and Pied Piper on true trail. Eventually the pack was back at the start minus Lois Lame who was nowhere to be found even though Bitches Bitch redid trail twice looking for her. Manhole rejected BBŐs request that Mans Best Hole use her Lab nose to ferret out the missing LL. 5150, always a thinker, recommended that TonguelessŐ Penis just stand there like a beacon but TP wasnŐt thrilled with the flashlight in his mouth or the turning in a circle part. Instead Phone Sex led a prayer circle of one and miraculously LL appeared out of the park. The keg was tapped and the Sacred Bucket filled with Yellow Peril, a perennial favorite that the visitors overindulged in as usual. At least they had plenty of Vitamin J to soak up the alcohol. PP brought out more chocolates and T wept with joy before securing the Sword Of Power and convening the Circle. Just because he tried to peel the tattoos off Bony Throbbins with the Sword was no reason for Cuming Mutha to accuse T of being drunk! Our visitors made a mighty and mighty successful effort to entertain the pack with CYGTOFM and MMM providing the pack with a song that brought wetness to every eye and assorted other body parts. N and Bony Throbbins provided the GypsiesŐ bims with a show of their manhoods that were wiggled an jiggled and had Lois Lame still calling out that they were no where near the size of TonguelessŐ Penis. Eat My Pussy announced the Whine and Chowder Society AGM proving once again that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery since it only took them 24 years to change Annual General Meeting to Anal Grand Mockery ala the Gypsies from year 1. Cheers.