Run #1339 The Not So Magnificent Seven


In case anyone still wonders about the truth of, ŅYou only need half a mind to hash.Ó Dr. Kimble provided it by setting a brilliant trail in a beautiful location with great weather that had a pack of seven or less than half the pack that showed up to the trail when breathing masks were still the order of the day and night. Dr. K called the pack to order in MILF Valley in the a parking lot at Redwood Highway and Frontage Road and Hamilton Dr. right on Shelter Bay and with great views. The pack had a chance to pound some Lagunitas Little SumpinÕ Easy. This weekÕs newboot and deer in the headlights guy, Just Will opted not to drink before trail, how sorry he was later. The rest had no problem pounding a few pints just to rev their motors. Once it was clear that the pack wasnÕt suddenly going to burgeon Dr. K provided a chalktalk that had the pack wishing they could have few more minutes to raise their courage level. Their wish was granted when Just Will took up the Male Missal and preached a sermon that even had dog walkers and civilian parkers applauding. The trail was one that required some kind of torch because as Fits In pointed out there was no moon and the night was as black as TonguelessÕ heart. Trail took the pack along the water and past the restaurants, hair salon and Ferrari dealer this was Marin after all. As the pack crossed under the freeway they were treated to the first of our hareÕs back checks. Trail seemed to turn right and head steeply down to the beach and into the brush. Tongueless, for once, made a good decision based on finding trail higher up on the left that came back under the freeway and that trail was further along than the trail that Fits In and Qaeda Cunt were hot to do. T guessed that the trail he saw was more likely true trail and he and Tongue Depressor took it with FI and Qaeda hoping he was right, for a change. Lo and behold T was right and angels fairly sang. As they approached De Silva Island Dr. Bitches Bitch burst out of the bush having bet wrong on true trail and getting up close and personal with bushes that whispered, ŅEnjoy the Poison Oak big boy!Ó as he made a manly effort to avoid them. As they passed along the waterside of Strawberry they spotted Dr. KÕs use of arrows showing on out and on in. Trail on out turned on Seminary Dr. and zigzagged through parking at apartment complexes and trails along the water, all uphill of course. Trail continued to climb to Shuck Drive and the grounds of the Golden Gate Seminary before taking trails with great views and a desire to break ankles in the dark. Eventually it released the pack back on Villa Laguna and it was a matter of backtracking until Dr. K sent them across the freeway without even bothering to put in a DonÕt Get Killed mark. Apparently he had faith in the packÕs ability to not *un directly into traffic in any of the four lanes that had to be crossed. Once across and alive trail took the pack along the Frontage Road back to the parking lot. The Sacred Thermi were filled with coffee and there was Irish Cr¸me, brandy and Kahlua to add. Cream Chugger was concerned that the coffee was caffeinated so Lois Lame told her to just add enough alcohol to make the drink more of a sleeping pill. Once again the adage that Gypsy war parties come in all sizes was proved as the small group of vultures decimated the Vitamin J and drained the alcohol. Just Will was concerned that the piss was going to be too bitter and kept asking if it was Ņan IPA kind of beerÓ but after tasting it he put in a Manholelike performance on the keg. With the pack so small and all flowing so well the Sword Of Power stayed sheathed and the Circle was eschewed in favor of added drinking time and remembrances of yesteryear. Cream Chugger considers 2017 yesteryear and Lois Lame pointed out that technically that was true and Just Will averred that enough alcohol could make yesteryear seem like yesterday. The pack raised a cup in agreement. Just Will was astonished by how many growlers Lois Lame had to fill and Bitches Bitch told him that if she didnÕt keep leaving them around she would have even more. Cheers.