APRIL, 2000

Digit, that irrepressible, magnanimous Vicar of Vice, Sultan of Singularly Sordid
Sexual Strumpets of the Ragin' Raj, and yes, the spiritual leader of the
Goa 2002 love-in, is our Ambassador d'Amor for this month's Gypsy Expose.

Why Goa?  Why Goa indeed!  Feast your eyes on these harriettes
and send your registration dollars now, while it's cheap.

The Harriettes of Goa will be hard at work in 2002.
See you there!


Ms. March, 2000
Tinsel Tits of the Hyderabad H3

Our indomitable King Rongjon took a well-earned sabbatical from his global quest for harriette perfection, returning to form once again this February with a torrid trek through the Indian sub-continent.  Along the way, he romanced an unbroken string of delectable ladies, testing their wares and tossing them aside unsatisfied.  That is, of course, until he ran into our newest Harriette of the month, Tinsel Tits of the Hyderabad Hash.

King Rongjon encountered Ms. Tinsel Tits as she was hanging from her heels, paying for a Hash Crime in the unique Hyderabad "upside down-down" tradition.   Digit, the fearless leader of this rowdy bunch, immediately spied the King gawking and had him hoisted upside down beside his objet d'amor.  The effect of gravity was complimentary to them both and neither could pry their eyes from the other.

At the time of this writing, Tinsel Tits and the King are collaborating with Deepak Chopra on an illustrated version of the The Way of the Kama Sutra.  No doubt they will still be entwined in their labyrinth of love pretzels in 2002, when the Interhash comes to Goa.

Miss December 1999
Holy Hawker



Our South Bay Cutie of the Month hails from the Silicon Valley H3.  Her greatest claim to fame is her godfather, none other than Mr. Flying Booger!
Look at how that little harriette has gotten all growed up.  Makes a proud parental weep. 

Photos courtesy of Fucking Pesto Chicken

Congrations from your Gypsy admirers...

Miss November 1999

Rongjon's newest conquest took his personal LearJet on an autopilot course straight back to the fertile hunting grounds of months past - The Lone Star State of Texas.  Over a bottle or two of tequila, RJ reacquainted himself with the fine young maiden of the the Austin and Houston Hashes, Miss Pinball.  The ensuing sexual melee, free-for-all, knock-down, drag-out carnal gymnastic event sealed the crown for our newly annointed Miss November, 1999.
Celebrating her victory, and flush with excitement over her hours-long love session with The King, Miss Pinball didn't just buy the gang dessert, she added the trimmings to herself and became a mud-pie flambee.  Bon Appetite, hashers.
Miss Pinball is a regular guest at low key, cocktail, wine & cheese types hashes such as the Iguanas, and does her best to liven the occasions with a little shedding of reptilian scales.  Does she go better with an oakey chardonnay, or a citrus, fruity savignon blanc?  We gypsies would simply devour her while slamming a case of Bud.
Pinball, ever the Hash Spokesperson, recently attended a Toastmanster's class to get over her stage fright and general shyness.  These are pictures from her graduation ceremony...

The King is back, recuperating from his excesses with Miss November, ready to head (did we say head?) back for more.  Cheers to the fine Lady from the Lone Star State.



Pinball's Dancin' Hootchie