Our Miss October racked up (?!) a record number of frequent flyer mileage to take top (?!)
honors in the monthly RongJon love derby.  Hailing from Mount Isa, Australia, Ms. TittiTat
flew clear 'round the globe to rendezvous with the King in, of all places, Turkey.

TittiTat - Mount Isa HHH
Queensland, Australia

The normally camera friendly RongJon had barely a glimpse of our fair harriette's global
wares before retiring arm in arm with Ms. TittiTat for the duration of his stay.  A harem of
whirling dervishes, belly dancers and other delights couldn't pry our King away from his
newfound Oz princess to pose for our cameras.

Back home in her native Mount Isa, we have word from Gail "Cyclone" Ridgely that
Ms. Tittitat whiles away her days by the shores of Lake Moondara, muttering words
of love about her far off King.

Will someone from Mount Isa send us more photos for our collection?

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